Stories are…

Stories are … essential.

You want to teach me something? Tell me a story with a purpose.

You want me to remember something? Tell me a story containing information.

You want to amuse me? Tell me a funny story.

You want to impress me? Tell me a really interesting story.

You want to make me cry? Tell me an emotional story.

You want to help me relax? Let a book or a movie tell me a story.

I know I am not the only one wired with a fascination for stories. Everywhere I go people come alive while discussing movies, books, television programs, plays, characters, even song lyrics… Some I know find it to be a waste of time, a distraction from the importance of reality, but I see it differently. Even Jesus taught with parables (not to name-drop or anything), and I believe He did so for a reason. Stories open people up to a world of possibilities they would not normally experience, and in doing so, give the storyteller the power to present ideas, concepts, or viewpoints that would otherwise never enter our minds.

Stories have an overwhelming power to TEACH.

And so, after many requests, I start this blog to jot down those lessons – those revelations – that I find in the stories I read or watch. Those “ah-ha!” or “DUH!” moments where a story is better able to convey some truth to me than a thousand hours of lecturing or sermonizing would be.

So thank you for joining me on this journey, and I hope the little lessons stories throw at me are of some encouragement to you in your own life.


2 thoughts on “Stories are…

  1. Agreed 🙂

    Matthew 13…
    10 The disciples came up and asked, “Why do you tell stories?”

    11-15 He replied, “You’ve been given insight into God’s kingdom. You know how it works. Not everybody has this gift, this insight; it hasn’t been given to them. Whenever someone has a ready heart for this, the insights and understandings flow freely. But if there is no readiness, any trace of receptivity soon disappears. That’s why I tell stories: to create readiness, to nudge the people toward receptive insight. In their present state they can stare till doomsday and not see it, listen till they’re blue in the face and not get it.

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