The Hobbit: An Unexpected Lesson Part 1

So I’ll admit, my reasons for seeing The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey were less than noble. Quite shallow really. I had little familiarity with the story, and my expectations for liking it were not very high. Oh, I believed Peter Jackson and his team would do an excellent job, I just didn’t think I would enjoy it beyond ogling a few actors… and I certainly didn’t think I would be challenged by it.

But there it was, all of 10 minutes into the film…

Bilbo Baggins is faced with a choice: stay in his nice little house with his stack of books and comfy chair, or venture into the unknown by joining Gandalf and company on a questionable adventure. And I thought – well, booooo.

Am I a Bilbo?

Because, if I’m honest, I really like my own comfortable little home, with my stack of books and comfy chairs. I like the convenience and safety of my life, my own little “shire,” if you will. So if someone like Gandalf showed up on my doorstep and said “I need you,” what would my response be?

Better yet, if Jesus said “Go YE into all the world…” what would my response be? What has it been?

Bilbo: I just need to sit quietly for a moment.
Gandalf: You’ve been sitting quietly for far too long!

Obviously, Bilbo makes the choice to leave the shire, or else we wouldn’t have had a very interesting movie… But his hesitation was enough to get me thinking.

I don’t want to be someone who lets those watershed moments pass me by, someone who is so overwhelmed by the magnitude of what’s being asked that I retreat to what is comfortable and familiar. So while I might pass on having hairy feet and being 3 feet tall, I find myself wanting to be like that little hobbit who chose the right path over the comfortable one. Because that’s when the real adventure begins!

Hobbit: You! Mr. Bilbo where’re you off to?
Bilbo: I’m already late.
Hobbit: Late for what?
Bilbo: I’m going on an adventure!


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