I still want to be like John McClane

So we’ve established that John McClane is a man of action, no pun intended. He never stands by and watches, or lets impossible situations keep him from trying to help.


McClane also isn’t afraid to make a mess.

Over the course of five movies, he destroyed cities and buildings, caused innumerable explosions, and he screwed things up a lot.* But he also used his skills to help a lot of people and save a lot of lives. And for every time he failed, there were a dozen more where he succeeded (albeit in fantastical, totally eye-roll-worthy, action movie fashion).

So, what if his character had allowed a fear of failure or of what people might think to stop him from doing the things he did? If he looked back at the past and agreed with the naysayers and said – “hey, you’re right, important people were really mad the last time, I shouldn’t try to help this time around.”

A whole lot of people would have died as a result. (We would have had only 1 movie too.)

But… how often do we, in real life, allow fear or doubt that we might mess something up keep us from acting? And who is missing out on something as a result?

I know for my own self, I need to stop caring so much about the mess that could result, or the things that people could say, and just start doing.  I have a feeling I’ll be surprised by how little mess I end up making, when all is said and done.

I’m not actually John McClane, after all.

“I [God] won’t give up on you; I won’t leave you. Strength! Courage! … Give it everything you have, heart and soul.”Joshua 1:7 MSG


*[Important note: I am not advocating wanton destruction of property, as McClane is prone to. I am advocating being fearless about helping those in need and valuing human life, even if it gets messy sometimes.]


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