A Super Attitude

Amidst the (wonderful) abundance of articles written about “Man of Steel,” I found this little gem, from the film’s star, Henry Cavill.

[On his unusually kind demeanor toward fans]
“…because even though something awful may have just happened to one of your friends or family members, this may be the only time they get to meet you, and you don’t want them walking away thinking you’re not a nice person.” (Glamour UK, June 2013)

In an age where most celebrities just “don’t care” how they come across, or better yet feel entitled to a superior attitude and standoffish approach, I found his comment refreshing. More than just being impressed with the sentiment though, it made me think about how I approach strangers and people I meet everyday.

I am not a celebrity or anybody that most of the world would consider of much import. (Yet?) I’m also not really a “people person.” I do, however, walk through life as an ambassador of Heaven, so when people meet me, I also don’t want them walking away thinking I’m not a nice person — or worse, that the God I represent is not nice. A few of them probably do though. Furthermore, if it’s the one time I encounter them… what then? While I don’t have to reach or like everybody I ever come in contact with (thank God for that!), Cavill’s statement gave me pause and presented me with a little challenge to change my own perspective and make more of an effort to sow kindness and encouragement – regardless of my own circumstances – as I encounter people throughout my day.

Not that that will be easy (I’m not Superman, after all!), but I know it’s possible…

For I can do everything through Christ,who gives me strength. ~ Phil. 4:13

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